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13th February 2018, 19:17

Consultation, Teachers' views & Union rights: GSD & Hassan Nahon issue joint education statement

The Social Democrats and Marlene Hassan-Nahon have issued a joint statement on the government’s so-called “education revolution”. They call for meaningful consultation with teachers and union rights to be respected.

The main Opposition party and the independent Member of Parliament say there are fundamental issues on which they agree and believe the point is made stronger by speaking from a united platform. 

After Ms Hassan Nahon approached the GSD to see if a joint position could be adopted, she also approached the other independent MP, Lawrence Llamas. She told the press conference she wanted to work constructively, putting party politics to one side to focus on this important issue.

In answer to GBC questions, Mr Llamas says he declined the invitation to contribute to the joint statement on the basis that he thought it "redundant" as he had "already raised the matter".