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25th March 2020, 19:37

Covid-19 latest - number of confirmed cases rises to 26

There are 26 confirmed cases of Covid-19, none critical. The Covid Intensive Care Unit received its first patient but the admission was a precautionary measure, with the patient awaiting results. This was revealed at Wednesday's press conference where a number of online systems were announced. 

One of these, is a web based system where people can input their details and check their symptoms.

A second allows for online payment for government services and a third, that will go live on Thursday morning, is for people to seek support and avail themselves of the business measures announced by the government on Tuesday. 

Minister for Financial Services Albert Isola said Gibraltar’s financial services were using this downtime to regroup and get ready for the inevitable global recession that will follow the crisis. He said the government will need to revisit its manifesto and see what commitments are now no longer priorities.