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28th May 2024, 09:51

Cross-border Chinese human trafficking gang dismantled by Spanish police

Published by GBC News

A human trafficking gang, alleged to have smuggled Chinese people to the UK through the Gibraltar airport, has been dismantled in La Linea.

According to reports in the Spanish press, the authorities claim over 250 Chinese nationals may have passed through this system.

The Royal Gibraltar Police helped the Spanish National Police with the investigation.

The Spanish National Police say they have taken down a network trafficking people halfway across the world: from China, to Spain, and into Gibraltar - with the end destination being the UK.

Europa Sur reports that upon arrival in Spain, the migrants were taken to La Linea, where they lived in cramped, overcrowded conditions, banned from leaving the house.

Fake travel documents would then be produced for them to travel across the border into Gibraltar, and then onto a plane to the UK.

The Spanish press reports that the operation began after authorities detected a continuous flow of Chinese migrants through La Linea to Gibraltar.

Ten people have now been arrested in La Linea, with four more arrested in Madrid.

They face charges of human trafficking, producing false identification, and also drug smuggling, principally ketamine and MDMA.

The RGP told GBC that in recent months, it has taken part in a number of intelligence exchanges as part of its support into the investigation by the Spanish National Police.

GBC has also put a number of questions to the Borders and Coastguard Agency, which is responsible for checking documents at entry points into Gibraltar, and also at exit points for those leaving the Rock.