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8th April 2021, 20:35

New Harbour robbery trial - Day 3: court hears evidence from man who pleaded guilty to his role in robbery & was sentenced to 3 years & 2 months for his part in 2019

Day three of the New Harbour robbery trial went ahead today although proceedings were interrupted by a power cut

Thursday, the court heard evidence from Samir Douaoui, who pleaded guilty to his role in the robbery and was sentenced to three years and two months for his part in 2019.

While not at the warehouse, he was to store, count, and distribute the stolen money.

Hamza Mesmoudi and Hakim El Lagmich each currently face one count of robbery and one count of conspiracy to rob €1.5 million euros from tobacco warehouse Southease Limited.

Mr Douaoui told the court he was now motivated by regret, and by the negative impact his involvement had had on his career and life opportunities.

During cross examination, the defendants’ lawyers accused Mr Douaoui of being manipulative, making untrue statements, and being willing to say anything to save his own skin, including incriminating the defendants.

Mr Douaoui denied these accusations. He described meetings leading up to the robbery in which the group planned the heist; he identified bags seen in CCTV footage as the same bags which the defendants brought to him after the robbery; he said he knew he had planned to take an active role, but now he wanted to get it all off his chest, and get on with his life.

The trial continues tomorrow, when the court will be hearing from scene of the crime officers, and then next week, Rachid Behdaoui, who was sentenced to over eight years for the robbery, will be on the witness stand to give his account of events.