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13th May 2022, 19:06

​Decolonisation is about people, not real estate, Bossano tells UN Pacific Seminar in St Lucia

"Decolonisation has always been about people, not disputed ownership of real estate" - that's the message Sir Joe Bossano has given at the United Nations Pacific Seminar in St Lucia.

In his address, Sir Joe said Gibraltar has been increasing its level of self-government for decades, with Spain opposing it every inch of the way. He took aim at the 1965 resolution for inviting two colonial powers to decide what was in a colonial people's interest, saying this could never be decolonisation, but instead, perpetual colonisation.

Sir Joe said no-one in Gibraltar supports a discussion of sovereignty between Spain and the UK, with or without Gibraltarian participation.

He said if no Schengen access treaty is reached, fluidity of movement at the frontier will be reduced; and if the right-wing extremist political party Vox enters power in Spain, they "may even try to starve us out", harming the Campo in the process. But, he said, they will never break the Gibraltarian spirit, and will never get Gibraltar back.