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13th August 2019, 15:10

Defence accuses complainant of making up allegations in Supreme Court child rape trial 

The complainant in an ongoing child rape trial at the Supreme Court has admitted she cannot provide any physical evidence of the alleged abuse. When asked by the defence lawyer why she had taken so long to go to the police, the teenager said; “I blamed myself and I was afraid.”

51 year old Jason Laguea of Mons Calpe Mews denies five counts of child sex abuse charges, dating back to between 2008 and 2013, when the girl was aged eight to 13. 

Acting for Mr Laguea, defence lawyer Christopher Finch accused the girl of making up the allegations, saying they were inspired by a film she watched about sexual abuse. She denied this, explaining it was watching the film that helped her realise what had happened to her was wrong.

The case continues.