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23rd February 2024, 21:07

Demo by Acerinox steel plant workers blocks A7 dual carriageway in Los Barrios for nearly four hours

Published by GBC News

A demonstration by workers at the Acerinox steel plant has seen the A7 dual carriageway in Los Barrios blocked for nearly four hours today.

Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil officers used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters, who had blocked the road using tyres and other materials.

Diario Area reports that the protesters have agreed to clear the road in exchange for the release of a man arrested this morning.

The blockade began without warning at around 7.30, with the local police in Algeciras advising people to avoid the area due to the huge tailbacks.

It's the 19th day of the strike, with around 1,800 Acerinox employees protesting changes to their working conditions.