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2nd March 2020, 21:34

Director Public Health urges 'social distancing' to help prevent spread of coronavirus

Published by GBC News

In an interview with GBC, the Director of Public Health, predicted that most people in Gibraltar will catch the Coronavirus at some point. Dr Sohail Bhatti warned that the rapid spread of coronavirus could result in staffing shortages at the hospital, although he said measures were underway to try to prevent this from happening. In terms of extra equipment such as face masks, ventilation machines and more oxygen supplies, he said Brexit contingency planning has meant that the GHA is well stocked-up.

He urged the public to practice 'social distancing' to protect elderly relatives as well as frequent hand washing to prevent the spread of the virus.

Dr Bhatti also confirmed that the GHA will have its own independent testing facility by the end of the month.

Ros Astengo asked Dr Bhatti when he would expect to see the first case confirmed in Gibraltar.