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14th January 2022, 13:55

Disability Rights Federation Calls for apology from New People

The Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation has called for the editor of the New People to apologise for its use of the word 'retarded' in a column in this week's edition. It says it is severely disheartened and says people using this word should have more regard for the pain it causes for people with disabilities and their families.

The Federation says Gibraltar is for the most part wholly outdated in its legislation regarding Disabilities and that this might still create the illusion that the use of these terms will still be accepted in our Society

It says it will lobby for the eradication of such language from our community, and believe it is yet another example of why we must as a society progress into the 21st Century.

It says the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons by Disabilities would eradicate the use of such derogatory and outdated terms, starting with the editors of this particular Newspaper, who should have opted for a more dignified and appropriate use of language.

The GDRF says it has reported the matter to the newly formed Special Needs and Disability Coordination and Liaison Office at NO6 Convent Place and will await a reply.