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19th February 2016, 13:35

District Post Offices closed for 'refurbishment' since 2014

The post offices at Glacis and the South District have still not re-opened after closing for refurbishment in late 2014. And, it would appear that no work is being carried out in either post office, with the premises, seemingly abandoned. This despite assurances to Parliament last year by the Government that work was ongoing.

In answer to Opposition questions then, the Minister for Postal Services, Neil Costa, said the Government was looking into what additional services they could provide and were looking at infrastructure in terms of software.

He’d added the locations were ideally situated to be accessible to members of the community, and that it would therefore make sense to broaden the services, to include the payment of old age pensions and benefits, as well as access to Gibraltar Savings Bank services.

Fifteen months later, both post offices remain closed. GBC has put questions to the Government and is awaiting a reply.