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30th June 2022, 17:22

Draft bill for penalty points system ready to go before Parliament, says Minister for Traffic

A draft bill for the implementation of a penalty points system is now ready to go before Parliament, according to the Minister for Traffic and Transport. Paul Balban said the Government aims for the system to be up and running very shortly after the bill is enacted. Anti-idling legislation is also being drafted in conjunction with the Department of the Environment. And, a bill providing a legal framework for the use of scooters and other personal electric transport devices has also been drafted, he added, and will be brought to Parliament "very shortly".

Paul Balban also said his ministry had met with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the introduction of a Low Emissions Zone alone Main Street. This would, he said, introduce a fee, to be raised annually, for non-environmentally friendly delivery vehicles. Mr Balban said the scheme had been well-received in principle.

Mr Balban said his technical department is developing a proposed cycling network from Bayside Road to Europa Point. And, he said five electric vehicle chargers are now available on Level 6 of the Midtown Car Park, following an agreement with Plug-N-Go (Gibraltar) Limited.