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13th April 2018, 19:15

Local woman gets 10 weeks for stealing £5,000 worth of goods

A local woman was today sentenced to ten weeks imprisonment, after having been found guilty of obtaining over five thousand pounds worth of goods through false representation, and having stolen electronic goods to fund her drug addiction.

In an offence dating back to over a year ago, thirty eight year old Shareen Gomez, had stolen a cheque book and used it a number of times, to purchase goods at a local electronics shop. She later sold on the goods to fund her drug addiction and also stole a number of electronic items, to fund her drugaddiction.

Gomez had claimed that she wanted to deal with her addiction, but it was said that she had abandoned rehabilitation, to not be parted from her family.

Although Gomez had pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud by false representation and to two counts of theft, Stipendiary Magistrate Charles Pitto viewed a custodial sentence as the most fitting sentencing option, in view that she had not pleaded guilty at the first instance.

The original twenty six week sentence was reduced to ten weeks, with the Magistrate not ordering that compensation be paid in view of the defendant currently being unemployed.