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16th October 2020, 13:36

'The elderly and vulnerable must be protected'; Four months in prison for carer who stole from 72 year old

A local woman has been sentenced to four months in prison for stealing £1,600 from an elderly person she was caring for.

Mid Harbours resident Francesca Bagu had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of theft after she used their bank card to take money out of a cash point on two occasions.

Bagu had been employed as a carer to look after the 72 year old, who has Parkinson’s.

Originally the second theft of £800 had been reported to police. Investigations led to Bagu. When advised they would be searching her property she admitted the offence and handed over the cash. She told officers she had stolen on other occasions but could not remember the details. Subsequently a theft for the same amount taken the week before was reported. She then admitted this too but the money had already been spent.

Her lawyer told the court she regretted her actions. He explained she had suffered financial difficulty due to Covid, which had led his client to take the money. When handing down the sentence, Stipendiary Magistrate Charles Pitto said; “The elderly and vulnerable must be protected”.

He added that whilst he had sympathy for her situation, there are many other people affected by the current pandemic who have not gone down the route of stealing.

Bagu was given four months for each count, to run concurrently.