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1st July 2022, 11:55

Tensions rise as Mr Speaker asks Feetham to withdraw 'unparliamentary' language

Tensions rose in Parliament last night when Mr Speaker, Melvin Farrel, stopped Opposition MP Daniel Feetham in the middle of his speech, and asked him to withdraw the word 'lie', saying it was out of order.

Mr Feetham had been accusing the Government of lying and misleading the people of Gibraltar on public finances.

The Chief Minister agreed with the Speaker, saying in every Westminster system the word 'lie' is considered unparliamentary.

Mr Feetham said this was effectively castrating the opposition, which Mr Speaker described as 'unfair'.

Mismanagement of public finances have placed our way of life in jeopardy, says Feetham

During his address, Mr Feetham said nowhere have the failings of this Government been more apparent than in the management of the public finances, where he said it had placed the Gibraltarian way of life in jeopardy

Mr Feetham said it had been the GSD Opposition who had warned against the culture of entitlement created by the GSLP Liberals' promises to everyone.

He said popularity of this Government has rested on a debt mountain and out-of-control expenditure, and this would be Fabian Picardo's legacy when it comes to the public finances of this community.

Mr Feetham said no-one was diminishing the effects of Covid, Brexit or the Ukraine war, but what the Government could not do was political sleight of hand and airbrush away the gross mismanagement of our public finances over 10 years.