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9th June 2021, 17:27

Entertainment licence fees increasing by almost 4000% for some businesses as from July

Entertainment premises licence fees will rise dramatically from next month- with the annual fee for cinemas going up almost 4000% from £25 to £1000 a year.

Other premises such as restaurants and bars will also see annual entertainment fees increase from £7.50 to £125.

In answer to GBC questions, the Government explained this £125 fee is not only for venues with live music and performances but also for those playing recorded background music, as well as establishments hosting lectures and debates.

A No 6 spokesperson added the previous fees were ‘totally unrealistic’ and had not been increased for many years.

They added the changes will ‘no doubt’ be completely accessible to all viable businesses in the sector.

Entertainment fees on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are also set to rise- with the price for a month-long entertainment licence going up from £3 to £300.

You can find the current fees here. The new fees are listed below.