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11th January 2021, 21:00

​Entry into Gibraltar will be exclusive competence of Gibraltar, says Chief Minister

The Chief Minister says by accepting appointments to be vaccinated, we will all be able to start to live with COVID in the background in future. In his New Year message, Fabian Picardo said with this, 2021 was bringing new hope.

On the post-Brexit agreement negotiated for Gibraltar, Mr Picardo said the Government had clear legal advice that this did not cross a single one of Gibraltar's red lines on sovereignty, jurisdiction and control. He said while the agreement is not legally binding, the treaty based on it will be - adding Gibraltar will also be able to undo the treaty, and that this is also a demonstration of sovereignty.

The Chief Minister said he believes the Government misread the feeling of the community on the issue of Line Wall Road, adding as soon as traffic began to return to normal after the first lockdown, the community's continued reliance on Line Wall Road as an artery was clear. Fabian Picardo said for that reason, the Government completely stopped that project, adding it was right to acknowledge it was wrong about it.