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11th June 2019, 16:41

Environment Minister John Cortes says EU Environmental targets will be used as minimum standards after Brexit

John Cortes began his address on the subject of the Environment- highlighting the progress in this field. 

Professor Cortes reported how, after years of lobbying, the UK Government had finally agreed to allow the Overseas Territories to form part of its delegation at Environmental conferences, hoping that this will be extended to inclusion in International agreements. 

The enemy for the Environment, he said, was no longer an unsympathetic Government and the focus now has to be on working together as a community.

He accused the Opposition of paying lip service to this, claiming the reality is it is not interested in consensus. 

John Cortes also included air quality, and the creation of an Air Quality Commission in his address and announced the beaches had received the best classifications ever. Despite the time and hard work, he said, the Environment too was an area which had had to step up to the challenge.

The Minister also spoke of Education; the new schools and what he describes as the 'Education Revolution'. The relationship between himself, the Department of Education and the Teachers' Union, he claimed, was excellent.