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26th September 2019, 15:44

​Environmental groups put forward their electoral wishlists

With climate emergency at the forefront of debate, the environment is bound to play a major part in the forthcoming elections. The GONHS, the Nautilus Project and the Environmental Safety Group have each released their election “wish lists”.

Top of the list for the GONHS is the immediate action towards carbon neutrality - in accordance with the Climate Emergency declaration.

Hoping to push the environment up the political agenda, the GONHS, the Nautilus Project and the ESG are hoping for new measures to be introduced to combat various environmental concerns. These include an end to all unnecessary single-use plastic, protection of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, an increased minimum distance from for ships when anchored and bunkering as well as a deadline for the Sewage Treatment Plant – something the GONHS says Gibraltar “urgently” needs.

Restoration and preservations projects at the Mount, the North Front Cemetery and Rosia Bay also feature on the wish lists, as well as improved signage and wardens for the Upper Rock.

The ESG highlights the importance of a climate plan and targets as well as the use of economic and technological systems to make our society more sustainable and less polluting. It calls for higher environmental protection standards than legally permitted elsewhere because of Gibraltar's size and proximity to pollution sources.

The ESG would also like to see enhanced cross-border co-operation on these issues-stating that whatever efforts Gibraltar makes, the backdrop is one of petrochemical industries across the bay.