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16th November 2015, 20:47

ERG asks for more commitment on Equal Marriage

The Equality Rights Group believes the GSLP Liberals do not go far enough on the question of Equal Marriage in their manifesto. They say the manifesto statements are too loose to label them commitments and do not present a credible political position on equality. The ERG notes the manifesto talks of a Command Paper and says this is referendum by another name but not principled commitment.

The Group claims LGBT voters, their families, friends and allies have not got the support they were looking for from the GSLP Liberals. It adds that faced with a GSD that totally ignores the very existence of the LGBT community, judging by its electoral programme, the group can not offer voting guidance. It urges everyone to make use of the range of options available, including blank voting, protest votes or dividing their votes, but encourages everyone to vote.