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9th September 2019, 21:00

​ESG says 'commercial interests prioritised' in unlicensed LNG ship-to-ship transfer

The Environmental Safety Group says it believes "commercial interests were prioritised" in the recent unlicensed ship-to-ship LNG transfer in Gibraltar waters, described as the largest ever in Europe.

This comes after Minister for the Port, Gilbert Licudi, confirmed on GBC that the company involved, Titan LNG, does not have a licence for LNG bunkering in Gibraltar, but was given an exemption after the Captain of the Port was satisfied this was in Gibraltar's interest.

The ESG says it notes the explanation by the Government and Port Authority that "safety issues were paramount", adding it would expect this transaction to have complied with highest standards as it satisfied the Port Authority.

However, it says, it would be interested to know what protocols and safety standards were applied exactly, and how these compare to a fully licensed operation.

The ESG adds it believes the best way to ensure highest standards is for all operations to be carried out under full and transparent licensed agreement in future.