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14th March 2019, 20:42

EU to discuss Brexit extension next week as different views emerge

If the UK wants to delay Brexit, it must give us a reason. This appears to be the general consensus at the European Union, which said any extension must be approved by all EU27 nations. A formal discussion on the subject will take place in Brussels next week.

But leading figures have already expressed differing views.

European Council President Donald Tusk said he will be calling for a long extension, while BrexitCo-ordinator Guy Verhofstadtsaid the UK shouldn’t even be given 24 hours unless it could provide a clear plan going forward.

And Chief Negotiator Michel Barnierasked: "Extending the negotiation: For what reason?"

Meanwhile German Europe Minister Michael Roth said “It’s not clear to me how what hasn’t been solved in two years, could be sorted out in a few weeks”