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22nd May 2019, 15:57

European Election voting - what you need to know

Polling stations will open at seven in the morning on Thursday for Gibraltar's participation in the European Elections. This will be the fourth European Elections - and possibly the last - Gibraltar will be taking part in.

European Elections are a little different to General Elections. Polling stations in Gibraltar and the UK close at 10pm on Thursday, but voting around Europe continues. Although some countries will be voting on Friday and Saturday, the majority of European countries will be voting on Sunday. So the count won't start until Sunday night.

There are fourteen polling stations around Gibraltar, each one of them is numbered and caters for a geographical area of Gibraltar. Your polling station will depend on your address. If you haven't done so by now, and want to find out which polling station you should be voting in, you can do so here.

If you're registered as a voter, you should have received a polling card by now giving you all the information you need. You don't need to take this polling card with you, but you will need a form of ID. You will then be handed a ballot paper which looks a little bit like this one. As you can see, unlike our General Elections, you're not voting for individual candidates. You're voting for parties. Each party has a list of candidates in order of preference - the higher up on the list, the more chance that candidate has of gaining a seat.

Your decision is to place ONE cross next to the party - or independent - you want.

Depending on how well they do, the parties will then be given one or more out of six seats in the European Parliament to represent Gibraltar and the South West.