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11th October 2020, 19:04

Exercise Macaque Malice comes to an end.

Published by GBC News

A four day exercise to test and rehearse offensive actions in Gibraltar has come to an end.

Over the past week soldiers from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s I Company took part in Exercise Macaque Malice which concentrated on subterranean operations using the tunnel system.

As a light infantry Company, I Company’s role is to protect key military assets in Gibraltar. In addition to this, members are often deployed abroad on operations and training.

Last week’s exercise was the culmination of a month long training package which involved re-visiting core military skills. Members of the Company conducted a number of patrols and attacks around Gibraltar, testing their capacity to reach remote locations using a combination of military transport and foot patrols. This tested the soldiers’ stamina and the ability to operate in complete darkness.

Training will continue in the UK over the next few months.