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15th February 2020, 17:28

FCO to lodge protest with Madrid following SVA incursions and executive action in Gib waters

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be lodging complaints with Madrid after Spanish customs vessels came into Gibraltar waters twice over the weekend. They were the most serious incursions but not the only ones.

On both Saturday and Sunday the SVA took executive action in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, engaging local boats, asking them for documentation, as if they were acting in Spanish waters.

Monday also saw incursions by the Spanish navy and a Spanish air force plane.

Spanish warship P46 entered waters on the east side this morning. It was met by the Navy's HMS Sabre, which challenged and then shadowed her into the Bay, until she left local waters.

Then at about 20 past 4 this afternoon, Gibraltar Coastal Watchers reported that Spanish air force C925 flew over Europa Point.

The Convent told GBC all incursions will be protested. A spokesperson said the incursions by Spanish customs were more serious as they attempted to take executive action.

The Convent considers incursions a violation of sovereignty, but not a threat to it.

(Photos courtesy Michael J Sanchez)