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12th October 2017, 19:02

Final rescued migrant to be sent back to Morocco

The remaining teenage migrant who was part of an initial group of seven rescued from the sea this Summer, is being sent back to Morocco. The decision was taken at the Magistrates Court after local authorities in collaboration with authorities in Morocco managed to identify the teenager.

The juvenile had previously pleaded guilty to being in Gibraltar without a valid permit and after three weeks in remand, was placed with the Care Agency.

Three other teenage migrants who also pleaded guilty fled from Gibraltar whilst in the care of the Agency, a few weeks ago. Warrants for their arrest have been issued.

Three adults who also formed part of the same group, were initially placed in remand, but subsequently released after the Magistrates Court. It is believed the men who as yet remain unidentified, have fled the jurisdiction.

The group was originally on its way to Spain in search of opportunity when the person transporting them forced them to jump into the sea. They were rescued by Gibraltar authorities who found them in the Strait.