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10th November 2017, 18:13

Finance Minister Albert Isola says level of interest in Gibraltar now "absolutely staggering"

Minister for Finance, Albert Isola, has said the level of interest in Gibraltar as a financial jurisdiction is “absolutely staggering” and the most he's seen in 35 years. This follows publication of a regulatory framework for Distributed Ledger Technology, which comes into effect on 1st January. 

The Minister has just returned from an extended overseas trip which included the UK, Switzerland and Asia. He delivered a number of presentations and spoke to businesses who now wish to set up fintech operations on the Rock.

And in a single issue of the Gibraltar Gazette this week, there were three applications for business licences involving cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technology, from consultancy to token-based games and travel business.

Ros Astengo spoke to Minister Isola and asked him how the international business community were reacting to Gibraltar’s new legislation.