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26th May 2016, 20:19

First renewable wave energy system in Europe is launched in Gibraltar

Published by GBC News

The first ever renewable wave energy system in Europe has been launched today, in Gibraltar. An installation on the eastside includes special buoys that capture and convert wave energy. At the launch this afternoon the Chief Minister told GBC that solar power will be the next renewable source that will be explored on the Rock.

The Government signed an agreement with Eco Wave Power back in 2014, an Israeli company that works to harness wave energy and convert it into low-cost, clean electricity. The agreement forms part of the Government’s plan for increasing the level of renewable energies in Gibraltar and moving away from dependence on fossil fuels.

Initially the company will be providing 0.1 Megawatts of energy, with this expected to rise to 5 megawatts, this will provide 15% of Gibraltar’s overall consumption of electricity.