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20th September 2018, 19:26

Flares fired as Royal Navy warns Guardia Civil away from submarine

Published by GBC News

The Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron has fired a warning flare after a Spanish Guardia Civil vessel got too close to the nuclear submarine HMS Talent, which was departing the Rock with a local tug.

GBC understands the flare followed repeated radio warnings to the Spanish vessel to back off.

In a statement, the Chief Minister has described the incident asregrettable. Fabian Picardo says it serves to remind everyone of the importance of following the rules of navigation and recognising the respective jurisdictions that operate side by side to each other in the Bay of Gibraltar. He says the matter must be taken up at the highest levels. Mr Picardo says we are showing our ability to cooperate on something as complex as the Brexit negotiations, and therefore we can surely get our act together in the more prosaic matter of our respective agencies navigating the crowded waters of the Bay.

The Convent confirmed there would a diplomatic protest, and said all unlawful incursions into Gibraltar waters are challenged