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1st June 2020, 20:42

Four local schools to close due to the presence of bacteria which causes Legionnaire's Disease

The Government is closing four local schools, after it was advised of the presence of legionella bacteria - which causes Legionnaire's Disease - in parts of the water system.

In a statement on Monday evening, the Ministry of Education says this follows advice from the Director of Public Health. The schools closed are: St Bernard's Lower Primary, St Bernard's Upper Primary, St Joseph's Lower Primary and St Joseph's Upper Primary.

The Government says it expects the schools will be closed for at least two days. During this time, it says, the water systems at these four schools will be subjected to a hypochlorination treatment.

It adds parents are being notified of the closure of the schools through the normal communication channels, with the Department of Education considering alternative arrangements for pupils; parents will be advised of these accordingly, but they will not be in place for Tuesday.

The Government says it regrets the decision to close schools but considers that the safety of staff and pupils is paramount.