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20th November 2023, 16:51

French documentary team visits Gorham's Cave as part of recording for series on straits

Published by GBC News

A French documentary team working for Arte TV, a pan-european culture broadcaster, has visited Gorham's Cave as part of recording for a series on straits.

The Gibraltar episode will feature the work of the Museum team at the Cave.

The documentary team says it aims to examine ecosystems which have ensured the movement of genes and species since the dawn of time, saying straits are unsuspecting living environments as well as obligatory crossing points.

It says human beings sought to establish themselves in these multi-story ecosystems very early on, and wants to look into the challenges of living in these shared spaces.

The Museum's Stewart Finlayson has been working with the TV crew highlighting his research on bat populations on the Rock and other parts of the Strait, while the work of Geraldine Finlayson and her team around climate proxies is also being used in the documentary to illustrate how the Strait of Gibraltar has been an ecosystem like no other on the scale of the biosphere, since the time of the Neanderthals.

Minister for Heritage John Cortes said he was delighted that the museum team continues to put Gibraltar on the world map.