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28th July 2022, 17:58

Fresh water conservation measures introduced, including overnight restriction

Published by GBC News

Measures to conserve the existing potable water reserve and maintain water pressure have been put in place.

These will involve the restriction of the water supply to non essential premises between 11pm and 7am.

This follows damage caused to AquaGib and GibElec infrastructure as a result of the fire inside Power's Drive Tunnel.


The fire has caused a significant rockfall inside the tunnel which has come to light this afternoon, causing damage to AquaGib and GibElec infrastructure.

The AquaGib reverse osmosis plant has not been operational since Tuesday due to the loss of power. Works are in place to restore normal operations to the plant as soon as power is restored which is expected later tonight. AquaGib are working with the Fire and Rescue Service who are providing safe access to investigate and assess any potential damage to its pipework. The full extent of any damage will not be known until power is restored and water can be pumped through.

If the pipework is damaged, had originally envisaged to take 5 days before AquaGib can resume normal production, but this was later confirmed to be two days


In order to ensure supply to essential services and to the public, temporary measures have been put in place in order to conserve the existing potable water reserve and maintain water pressure.

All fresh water supply to non-essential premises will be restricted from 11pm tonight until seven tomorrow morning.

Street flushing with fresh water has been stopped

Watering of all non-lawn plants in parks, in town, on roundabouts and in road barriers has been stopped

Watering of lawns in Government parks has also been stopped or switched to an alternative brown water supply

Supply has been stopped to sporting facilities. Construction activity and supply for the production of cement have been stopped.

If there is no damage to pipework or repairs take less than 5 days, these restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible.


Residents of the Upper-Town may already be experiencing significant fresh water supply issues due to the fact that water pressure is produced by gravity.

AquaGib is deploying potable water bowsers to help.

Plans to import water via road and sea are being considered as well as the possibility of deploying portable desalination equipment to produce water.

The AquaGib plant at North Mole is still fully operational and is producing water as normal.