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25th May 2023, 20:54

​Frontier queue reaches over three hours due to checks from Spanish Authorities

Published by GBC News

With a long weekend coming it seems many are heading across the border early.

Queues at the frontier to head into Spain have reached over three hours this afternoon and evening. This is reportedly due to checks being carried out by the Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil.

The Borders & Coastguard Agency told GBC they started doing this at 5:25pm and described the flow into Spain as very slow.

At its worst, six lanes of cars stretched all the way back to the start of the tunnel.

As the evening goes on, it seems to be moving faster, with the frontier hotline now reporting 30 minutes of queue into Spain.

Borders & Coastguard also reports that the Guardia Civil were checking cars coming into Gibraltar this morning, with about an hour of queuing time. A spokesperson added that this is a less common occurrence.