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25th March 2018, 00:02

GAMPA play "I Am Me" wins top award in Drama Festival

A play about a transgender teen, and the wider question of how to come to terms with your own identity, has won the top award in the Drama Festival.

The winning play, “I Am Me”, was one of two plays that got a repeat performance on Saturday’s Gala Night at the Ince’s Hall. Christian Santos, of the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts, took home the awards for Best Play, Best Original Script, and Best Director. In his speech, he thanked those who had shared their stories with him, and said it was the responsibility of adults to create a "safe space for young people to feel free". The play’s leads, William Menez and Julianne Coleing, also won Best Youth Actor and Best Youth Actress.

The gala night also saw the Trafalgar Theatre Group reprise “How My Light Is Spent”, by Alan Harris, about an unusual relationship between a phone sex worker and one of her clients. Leads Erica McGrail and Tim Seed won Best Actress and Best Actor. A number of other awards were also presented on the night, with the Adjudicator’s Award going to playwright and director, Julian Felice, for his comic play, “La Calle Commedia”. Adjudicator, Ben Humphrey, praised the commitment, focus and talent on show during this week, as well as the government for backing the festival – saying countries supported in cultural endeavours "do better, in every way".


Adjudicator's Award: Julian Felice, "La Calle Commedia", Bayside & Westside Drama Group

Best Technical Presentation: GAMPA Seniors, "I Am Me"

Best Set: Trafalgar Theatre Group, "How My Light Is Spent"

Best Director: Christian Santos, "I Am Me", GAMPA

Best Supporting Youth Actress: Molly Morel, "The Adventures of Polly", Medway Youth Theatre

Best Supporting Youth Actor: Kai Nemez, "La Calle Commedia", 

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Soiza and Rosalind Rogers, "Exit Right, Running", Trafalgar Theatre Group

Best Supporting Actor: Julian Felice, "La Calle Commedia", Bayside & Westside Drama Group

Best Youth Actress: Julianne Coleing, "I Am Me", GAMPA

Best Youth Actor: William Menez, "I Am Me", GAMPA

Best Actress: Erica McGrail, "How My Light Is Spent", Trafalgar Theatre Group

Best Actor: Tim Seed, "How My Light Is Spent", Trafalgar Theatre Group

Best Original Script: Christian Santos, "I Am Me", GAMPA

Best Play: GAMPA Seniors, "I Am Me"

GAMPA performers and Christian Santos

Christian Santos takes home Best Play

Julianne Coleing, Best Youth Actress

William Menez, Best Youth Actor

Erica McGrail, Best Actress

Tim Seed, Best Actor