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2nd January 2018, 15:37

Garcia looks ahead to 2018 commemorations in New Year message

The Acting Chief Minister, Joseph Garcia, has congratulated Sir Joe Bossano on his knighthood. In his New Year message as Leader of the Liberal Party, Dr Garcia hints at the continued use of the Gibraltar office in Brussels even after Brexit, and reveals a number of commemorations in 2018, including the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Joseph Garcia says Gibraltar can be proud of the Brexit team he and the Chief Minister have put together, led by the Attorney General, Michael Llamas QC. He says it is impossible to have done more to fight Gibraltar’s case in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, and appreciates the widespread political support the Rock has received from the UK Parliament and beyond.

Dr Garcia says the representation in Brussels has already proven to be a worthwhile investment for the future, whether or not we are in the EU. He says many small territories outside the Union have an office in Brussels, and Gibraltar will need to maintain some kind of relationship with the EU in the future.

The Acting Chief Minister says there will be further landmarks to commemorate in 2018, among them the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, the 60th Anniversary of the first Speaker appointed to the Legislative Council, and 50 years since negotiations for a new Constitution began.

Dr Garcia says as part of the plans to increase ties with the Commonwealth, he and Steven Linares will be representing Gibraltar at the gathering of Heads of Government and Sports Ministers in Australia at the next Commonwealth Games.