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3rd April 2024, 21:32

GBC correction and apology over mistaken reference to warrant in relation to Operation Delhi

Published by GBC News

In a live report on GBC News on Tuesday night we mistakenly made reference to an arrest warrant in relation to Operation Delhi and its role in the forthcoming McGrail inquiry.

Our reporter intended to say ‘search’ warrant and not ‘arrest’ warrant. GBC apologises for this error.

The reference may have been understood to mean that James Levy had been the subject of an arrest warrant when in fact he was not. He was the subject of a search warrant.

Our reporter also referred to the fact that Mr Levy was at the centre of Operation Delhi.

A spokesperson for Hassans has pointed out that this is incorrect as Mr Levy was never charged or prosecuted and evidence was only sought from him in relation to Operation Delhi, a year after three men involved and charged, were arrested. The investigation against Mr Levy was dropped later that same year.

GBC acknowledges that any reference should have been to Mr Levy being at the centre of the inquiry, and not to his being at the centre of Operation Delhi, which was a criminal investigation.

GBC apologises for any embarrassment that this may have caused.