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5th March 2020, 08:41

GBC Poll: 70% will vote 'yes' in abortion referendum

Just over seventy percent of people will vote ‘Yes’ in the abortion referendum two weeks from now, according to an opinion poll commissioned by GBC. The poll, conducted by Xcel Media, shows that just under 19 percent will vote ‘no’. Eight percent have said they don’t know how they will vote and three percent say they will not be voting.

The poll was carried out face to face with respondents asked to fill in a form and secretly place the result in a box. A total of 787 people were sampled across Gibraltar’s housing estates, divided among the North and South Districts, the Eastside, the Westside reclamation area, the Upper Town and the Alameda and Sandpits areas.

The poll was split among men and women, and divided into different age groups, including sixteen to seventeen year olds.

65.6 percent of men said they would vote yes, with 22 percent saying they would vote no. In comparison, 72.6 percent of women said they would vote yes, with 16.7 saying they would vote now.

The largest percentage of yes voters came from the 18-25 year old category, with the yes / no voters split 79.5 percent to 14.8 percent. The lowest number of yes votes were among the 65 plus category, with 46.5 percent saying they would vote yes, and 40.6 percent saying they would vote no.

The poll was carried out by Xcel Media, a market research company who are registered data controllers with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.