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8th December 2014, 16:21

GBC poll: More than half of electorate undecided

With a year to go at most before a general election is called in Gibraltar, more than half the electorate has not made up its mind how it will vote. 

That's one of the key findings of an opinion poll commissioned by GBC and published today, the three-quarter point of the GSLP/Liberals' term of office. 

Of those voters who have decided, more than twice as many said they would choose the Alliance over the GSD. 


As the third anniversary of the Government's mandate approached, GBC asked local marketing agency Colorworks to carry out a poll on voter intentions. Over five days last week the company collected 650 questionnaires throughout Gibraltar, equivalent to three per cent of the electorate.


Participants were asked whom they would vote for if an election were held tomorrow. 33.5 per cent said the GSLP/Liberals while only 13.5 per cent said the GSD: a 20-point margin in favour of the incumbent Government. 

While the GSLP/Liberals are bound to consider this statistic reassuring, the GSD will draw comfort from the fact that a very high proportion, 53 per cent, are still undecided.


We also asked how people rated the performance of the Government and the Opposition since the last general election.

A clear majority felt the Government has done well, with 58 per cent saying it had been good or very good, and 14 per cent rating them poor or very poor:  an overall rating of plus 44.

Not such good news for the Opposition though: just 26 per cent thought the GSD had been good or very good, while 30 per cent considered they'd performed poorly or very poorly: a rating of minus 4.


Our poll asked voters to state which would be the single most important issue for them at the next election, and sought their views on specific matters like commercial fishing in Gibraltar waters and participating in ad hoc talks with Spain. To find out the answers, you'll have to tune in to Viewpoint on GBC Television on Thursday, when Jonathan Scott will be joined live in the studio by the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to discuss the findings.