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9th February 2017, 14:31

GBC Survey: Gibraltarians strongly in favour of Cannabis for medical use

Gibraltar is not sure whether or not it favours decriminalising cannabis for personal use, but there is very strong support for using the drug medicinally.

This according to a GBC survey which saw over 800 face to face interviews, conducted by Colorworks. By far the clearest result was in respect of the GHA introducing cannabis for medicinal purposes - a full 85% of those surveyed supported this. 

44% of those asked said they were in favour of decriminalisation, 43% against and 13% didn't know. The results for legalisation were marginally different, with a majority of 46% opposing it. 

The opinion poll was conducted ahead of tonight's Viewpoint, which will feature a panel discussion on cannabis in front of a live audience at the Leisure Cinemas. Catch it on GBC TV tonight at 9:30pm & email Viewpoint@gbc.gi for more information on tickets.