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14th January 2022, 13:11

GDP Sergeant Borastero presented the Station Commander’s Spitfire Air Safety Award

Gibraltar Defence Police Sergeant Borastero has been presented the Station Commander’s Spitfire Air Safety Award.

Sgt Borastero was recognised for his contribution to Air Safety at RAF Gibraltar in his role as the Operational Airfield Representative.

This included the introduction of a high-profile police and Defence Guard Service presence, in particular at the North and South Barriers, and the initiation of a Road Safety campaign on Winston Churchill Avenue.

Wing Commander Doherty says since taking over the position of Operational Airfield Representative in April 2020, the diligent hard work carried out by Sgt Borastero has helped reduce the risk of road traffic collisions on one of Gibraltar’s busiest and most important roads.

Sgt Borastero attributes a noticeable improvement to the co- operation and strong working relationships of the Defence Police, Air Traffic Control and the RAF.