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12th September 2023, 12:21

General Election called for 12th October

Published by GBC News

A General election will take place on Thursday 12th October.

At midday, the Chief Minister went to see the Governor and made the announcement outside the Convent.

The election announcement was marred by striking Unite members of the bus company who protested outside Number Six Convent Place, as the election was announced. Some refused to shake Fabian Picardo's hand as he approached them.

Earlier today members of the GSLP Executive were seen entering and leaving Number Six. These included Gemma Vasquez and Albert Borrell, both touted as possible candidates for a GSLP line-up.

The Cabinet was also briefed this morning.

Fabian Picardo announced the date of the election at a live press conference at Number Six Convent Place. 

Referencing the Treaty agreement, Fabian Picardo said only by voting for the GSLP Liberals will Gibraltar have a 'safe' deal.

He also reflected on his achievement in office in the past four years.

Candidates will have to sign on before noon on the 21st day before the election and will have three days after that to change their minds.

GBC television will be live outside party headquarters tonight at 8.30.