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6th March 2015, 09:21

GFA to be restructured- Presidency will be symbolic, Beiso will run local football, says Llamas

Published by GBC News

The new president of the GFA Council Michael Llamas, has revealed the Association will be overhauled and restructured, in order to allow the full-time professionals in the Executive to run the local game. 

Mr Llamas was voted in last night; he's told GBC his role as President will be purely symbolic and honorary, allowing CEO, Dennis Beiso, to do the day-to-day running of the organisation.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Llamas told GBC that one of the criticisms leveled at the way the GFA is currently organised is that the Council does not represent local football clubs sufficiently. He expects the restructure to take place in the next three or four weeks.  

The new GFA President says his advice to the GFA Executive is that there are three main issues that need tackling. Firstly, he argues there is a need to limit the number of foreign players playing locally to minimise adverse effects on local players, especially youth players.  Mr Llamas says the GFA also needs to tackle the ?stadium issue?. He wouldn't be drawn on what the latest news is in respect of the Europa Point Stadium, saying only that the GFA has been receptive of the feedback it has received from the public, adding Mr Beiso will soon be in a position to release more details on the subject.

Mr Llamas also highlighted Gibraltar's application for full FIFA membership as an area that will require attention.

In an extended interview, the new GFA President told GBC the association has made mistakes since it joined UEFA, adding this is ?normal? and to be expected, given the ?seismic? changes experienced since becoming Team 54. Mr Llamas said the important thing is to ensure the GFA learns from its mistakes.

Mr Llamas declined to comment on Allen Bula's dismissal, again suggesting it would be the GFA CEO who will talk about that matter in due course.