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10th January 2019, 19:44

​GGCA & NASUWT to support Unite protest against the use of agency workers

The Clerical Union GGCA and the Teachers' Union, the NASUWT will be supporting Unite's protest next week against the use of Agency workers.

The GGCA say, that ever since the Government suspended a recruitment process for Administrative Assistants in 2015, it has been publicly calling for the process to be restarted. This it says was highlighted by 88% of the membership as the union's most important Civil Service issue.

It claims there’s a high number of supply workers covering vacant posts within the civil service, on far inferior terms and conditions and it says that these workers deserve the opportunity to apply for the civil service AA posts. The GGCA also supported the Unite walkout against agency workers, in May last year.

It now calls on all GGCA members to attend and support the protest, to put an end to the practice of using supply workers to cover vacant posts within the civil service