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12th January 2021, 18:35

GHA alert raised to 'Black' as rehab dept repurposed to Covid ward within St Bernards

The GHA’s alert level has been raised to ‘Black’, stopping all but critical cancer surgeries, and life and limb saving surgeries and procedures. This is a clear declaration that the hospital is working in excess of capacity as the Critical Care Units and COVID wards are close to full.

At the same time, hospital departments are reacting to the demands by being reconfigured and repurposed where possible. For example, the Senior Management Team under the guidance of the Director of Nursing Services, have redesigned the former Lewis Stagnetto Rehabilitation department as a step down facility for patients who are clinically considered low acuity but who may not yet be quite ready to go home.

Kevin Ruiz spoke to Health Minister Samantha Sacramento and asked her what the Black alert level means for the GHA