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23rd July 2021, 15:31

GHA in crisis claims Shadow Health Minister Elliott Phillips, pointing out 'failed' mental health strategy

The Shadow Minister for health, transport and the Environment, Elliott Phillips says Covid has been an eye-opener to the way the community is governed, to third world traffic and transport policy, the abysmal handling of the environment and what he claims is a false commitment to a greener Gibraltar. Covid he says, has also exposed deep cracks and fault lines in our health system, despite the high cost of delivering the service, with the responsibility for this falling squarely on the Government. Mr Philips claims the Government's lost budgetary control of the GHA and that it's in crisis.

The Opposition member mentions what he claims is a failed strategy on mental health provision, adding he was disappointed not to find a single mention of any budget provisions for this.

Elliott Phillips also criticised the Government's announcement that it does not intend to replace the Consultant Clinical Psychologist, describing this as scandalous.