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11th July 2018, 13:46

GHA introduces new cataract surgery initiative

The GHA’s Ophthalmic Unit has begun a cataract surgery initiative to reduce waiting lists. The surgeon contracted for the programme is Mr Tariq Saboor, who has extensive experience in high volume cataract surgery.

Pre-operative clinics, surgery and pos-operative clinics will be carried out after hours so as not to interfere with the day-to-day running of the Unit. Only four surgical sessions will take place during normal working hours reserved for patients who may require further support. 173 patients have already undergone pre-assessment with surgeries starting this month.

Clinical Lead for the Ophthalmic Unit Isabella Crisp said demand for catact surgery is a challenge facing many health organisations.  Minister for Health, Neil Costa added it was important to identify any areas across the health service that requires extra support.