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8th October 2015, 20:54

GHA opens new catering facility in St. Bernard's Hospital

Published by GBC News

The Gibraltar Health Authority’s new catering facility at St. Bernard’s Hospital will begin preparing food for patients as from Saturday morning. The facility, which is located to the west of the main hospital building, is linked directly to the hospital and replaces the old kitchen at the North Mole.

Catering will begin at the St. Bernard’s hospital this Saturday, with the GHA’s introduction of a brand new facility. Food will no longer need to be transported by van from the North Mole, but instead will be wheeled in directly into the hospital corridors.

The project, which costs between £6 and £7 million to complete, is expected to completely transform the patient experience with regards to food at the hospital and also aims to enhance the staff morale, after they had become accustomed to sub-standard working conditions at the previous facility.

The Catering Manager for the GHA, Duncan Cerisola, told GBC that bad hospital meals can now be considered a thing of the past.

The Minister for Health, Dr John Cortes, was also keen to express the impression this new catering facility has left on him and the necessity for an upgrade on the previous one.

With over 305,000 individual meals delivered to patients over the last year, this new catering equipment, which is expected to be a permanent fixture in St. Bernards’s hospital for the next 20 to 30 years, is sure to be well received.