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13th October 2021, 16:53

Gib Crypto Week sees over 185 delegates attend first post-Covid live event

Crypto Gibraltar saw 185 delegates attend the two day networking event, the first since the pandemic.

Taking place on the Sunborn Hotel and St Michael's cave, it brought together crypto enthusiasts and investors to discuss where the crypto space currently is and what the future holds

The Minister for Digital and Financial Services opened the event and announced that the 10th principle in the legislative framework will soon be published.

The 10th core principle of Gibraltar's legislative framework - specifically for digital asset exchanges - is set to published within the month. The Minister for Digital and Financial Services Albert Isola told the audience at Crytpo Week that this will help to provide consumer protection as well as attract quality business to Gibraltar.

The event, held at the Sunborn Hotel saw key stakeholders gave their analysis and trend forecasts on subjects such as crypto banking, cross-border payments, NFT's and the regulatory landscape. A key topic for the jurisdiction was understanding how gaming is influencing the development of the crypto ecosystem

As well as local professionals, around 120 guests attended from the UK, Israel and other parts of Europe, according to the organisers.

Crypto week aimed to build new relationships and revitalise existing ones and with regulators offering insight as to how the regulatory landscape has changed during covid, and what the primary drivers will be going forward.

The event, which included a party in St Michael's cave, was a chance to hear more about the growing crypto and DLTecosystem in Gibraltar.

An added bonus at these events is to also generate business, and the feedback on this has been positive.