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26th January 2021, 18:01

Gib tops world stats in vaccine rollout, but also deaths per capita

Gibraltar now ranks second in the world of countries with the largest percentage of individual doses of the Covid vaccine administered. It is also the top country in the world with the most covid tests done per million of the population.

However it is also ranked top in the world of deaths per million people, and second in the world of countries with the most cases per million people.

These statistics however can be easily skewed because of Gibraltar's small size, as evidenced with other small territories at the top of the list, such as San Marino, the Faroe Islands and Andorra.

In terms of individual vaccines doses administered, Gibraltar ranks second in the world, with just over 30 percent of the population. Israel ranks first, with just under 45 percent, and the United Arab Emirates is third, with 26 percent.

The UK is fourth, with just over ten percent.

In terms of deaths per one million of the population, Gibraltar ranks first, marginally above San Marino, which has a similar sized population.

It is also second in the world in terms of the amount of cases per one million, just below Andorra, again a small sized country.

But Gibraltar is the world leader in testing, having covered more than four times its population with the number of tests carried out, just ahead of the Faroe Islands.