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6th February 2022, 20:30

Gibraltar sends congratulations to Queen Elizabeth on Platinum Jubilee

Gibraltar has congratulated the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee: the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. To mark the occasion, the Union Jack flew from the Moorish Castle throughout the day.

The Government said many on the Rock still remember her visit to Gibraltar as part of her tour of the Commonwealth countries, saying for Gibraltarians, this provided a special opportunity to show the deep, enduring and unwavering loyalty and appreciation of the Rock’s inhabitants. It added Queen Elizabeth’s “unprecedented commitment to the Crown and its role in British parliamentary democracy has proven to be a shining example of stability and good governance to the world”.

The Governor, Sir David Steel, highlighted that Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne through the tenure of every Chief Minister to date, since the first appointment of Sir Joshua Hassan. Sir David said Gibraltar is proud to have been a small part of of the great British family of nations, adding we are all united in wishing her good health and happiness in the years to come.