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13th January 2021, 19:46

Gibraltar could have controlled airport better to stop spread of new Covid strain, says Junta President

The President of the Junta de Andalucia, has told Spanish journalists Gibraltar could have better controlled its airport to avoid the spread of the new Covid strain, now termed the 'British strain.'

Juanma Moreno says stricter restrictions on movement will probably be announced on Friday as drastic measures are now needed to combat the 'explosive' rise in numbers- the highest since the start of the pandemic .

Mr Moreno says the figures now follow the behaviour over Christmas and New Year and that they should soon reflect the restrictions imposed.

Andalucia has recorded over 6 00 new active cases, topping the 6000 mark for the first time. Hospitalisations are steadily increasing. The number of new cases in the Campo exceeds 600, a record high. And half of those are in La Linea, which has now become the second most infected city in Spain: it has four times the number of cases per capita when compared to the Andalucian average.

The Junta President has however, discarded closing down schools in La Linea. Mr Moren said he felt a lockdown for Andalucia was still not on the horizon. He said Madrid should start considering a total lockdown for the whole of Spain and has asked the Central Government for increased tools and powers to fight the pandemic.